Dessert Product Lines

Michael's Cookies

Michael's “ready to bake” pre-portioned cookies made from natural ingredients earned First Place in the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade's annual competition. Michael's supplies cookies in more than a dozen flavors, and offers seasonal and sugar-free choices as well. Colors, Distributor of Fine Foods carry a wide assortment of Michael’s Cookies delicious flavors and four portion sizes 1oz, 1.3oz, 2oz, and 3oz.

Cookies Con Amore

Gluten Free Cookies

Cookies Con Amore introduces Glutenetto, a gluten free line of their Italian cookies. These Italian cookie's recipe and history originate from a small village in Italy; Cookies Con Amore can proudly say, "We make our cookies with the same measure of love. Its sheer pleasure to share Cookies Con Amore with our customers."

French Patisserie

Based mainly on classic French recipes, these desserts offer incredibly elegant presentations, textures and taste sensations. Our products are hand-made from the finest quality ingredients -whole butter, cream, fresh fruits and imported European chocolates.

Once created, our desserts are cradled in our custom made and proprietary packaging to ensure the integrity of each item. The packaging not only maintains the presentation of the products, but also safeguards the dessert moisture, textures, and flavors from outside factors such as freezer burn and odors.

Macaroons de Paris assorted pack (6 Flavors: Chocolate, Raspberry, Lavender/Apricot, Pistachio, Coffee, Coconut/Passion)

Grandiose Macarons Individually wrapped:

- Chocolate

- Pistachio

- Raspberry

- Vanilla

We also carry Retail packs from Looka French Patisserie available now are:

  • Macaroons ( Chocolate/Pistachio or Vanilla Raspberry)

  • Sliced Cake ( Lemon Meringue or Chocolate Ganache)



As a one stop resource for all pastry and chocolate ingredient needs, in2food is recognized by pastry chefs, bakers, and caterers as the source for top quality European brands, ingredients, components, and concepts.

Our authentic Belgian Crepes are perfect for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dessert. With the careful selection of high quality ingredients and fruit picked at its peak of freshness our crepes are a step above the rest. All our crepes are shipped frozen in air tight packaging to insure the product arrives in excellent condition and at the peak of freshness.



Pruvé sweet pastry shells are created using high quality bakery ingredients and a traditional European recipe. Their pre-baked pastry shells are a buttery short bread dough with a crisp texture and are the perfect canvas for any creation. Filled with custard, cream and/or fruit Pruvé pastry shells make a beautiful presentation.

Sweet Mini 2”

Mini Fluted 1.75”

Square 3.2”

Straight Edge 4”

Paris Gourmet

Paris Gourmet offers many products that are imported to give you the best taste in your kitchen. With such a wide choice in products there are numerus things that are waiting to be created.

Mini Cannoli Shells 2.36"

Cream Horns 2.4"

Tart Shells Butter 3.3"

Tart/ Quiche Shell Neutral 3.75"

Moda Savory Shell

Moda Sweet Shell

Moda Chocolate Shell

Moda Graham Shell

Paris Gourmet

Fruit Puree

Paris Gourmet offers many products that are imported to give you the best taste in your kitchen. With such a wide choice in products there are numerus things that are waiting to be created.

  • Apricot Puree

  • Blackberry Puree

  • Blood Orange Puree

  • Coconut Puree

  • Lime Puree

  • Mango Puree

  • Morello Cherry

  • Passion Puree

  • Pineapple Puree

  • Strawberry Puree

  • Banana Puree

  • Black Currant Puree

  • Blueberry Puree

  • Lemon Puree

  • Litchi Puree

  • Mandarin Orange Puree

  • Pabana (Mango, Banana, Passion, Papaya) Puree

  • Pear William Puree

  • Raspberry Puree

  • White Peach Puree

Paris Gourmet


Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Bar

Opera Bar

Tiramisu Bar

Strawberry/ Raspberry Bar

White Toque