Breakfast Product Lines

French Gourmet

Our French Gourmet line has one of the most variety of Danishes with flavors that is unique in every shape and form.


Apple Lattice

Almond Bear Claw

Wild Blueberry

Cinnamon Roll

Apricot Medallion

Bing Cherry Burt

Café Pack:

Café Pack #1 (Apple Lattice, Cinnimon Roll, Pain au Chocolat)

Café Pack #2 (Banana Triangle, Raspberry Leaf, Coconut Leaf)

Café Pack #3 ( Cherry Burt, Apricot Medallion, Mango Pocket)

Café Pack #6 (Mango Pocket, Chocolat Chip Custard, Strawberry Cream Cheese)

Dish 2
Dish 3
Dish 4
Dish 5
Dish 6

Finales breakfast breads are one of a kind to blend with your morning coffee, with flavors of your choice:

Average Size(11.5"x4.2"x3.6")

Banana Walnut

Lemon Citrus

Blueberry Vanilla


Petite Sizes (2"x12"x12")

Petite Banana Walnut

Petite Cranberry Orange

Petite Lemon Poppy Seed

Petite Zucchini Walnut