Baking Instructions

Colors Handmade Pizza Products

are designed to work in any type of oven.

We developed our pizza products to take advantage of various oven characteristics or help with some oven shortcomings.

Today we enjoy a great variety of ovens. Some work better with fresh pizza dough and some with par-baked crusts. Conveyor ovens offer the best of both worlds. The results are equally great with Colors' Dough Balls for fresh pizza, as well as with Colors' Par-baked Crusts.

Impinger And Conveyor Ovens
Bake Temp: 450 Degrees. Bake Time: 5 Minutes

Colors Par-baked Crusts, such as our California or Flatbread Style Crusts, work best in a conveyor type of oven as the product travels through a curtain of heat. The pizza spends less time in the oven and the crust does not have the time to dry out.

Convection Ovens

Bake Temp: 425 Degrees. Bake Time: Around 8 - 10 Minutes

These fan-assisted ovens work well with any of Colors' Par-baked Crusts. We recommend placing the pizza directly on the rack without a sheet pan. If you can dedicate one convection oven to pizza production, you may place a pizza stone at the bottom of your oven. This will speed up the heat transfer and shorten the bake time.

Deck Ovens

Bake Temp: 450 Degrees. Bake Time: Around 8 - 10 Minutes

Deck ovens work best with Colors' Traditional Dough Balls for fresh pizza. With Colors' Par-baked Crusts, we recommend lowering the temperature of the oven to around 450 degrees and using pizza screens under the crusts. This elevates the crust from the stone and avoids burning the bottom of the pizza. Colors' Stone Deck Pizza Crust was created for deck and wood burning ovens.

Conventional Ovens

Bake Temp: Highest Temp Setting. Bake Time: Around 10 - 12 Minutes

Conventional ovens require the longest baking time and dry the pizza crust more than other styles of ovens. As with the convection oven, if one conventional oven can be dedicated to pizza production, place a pizza stone at the bottom of the oven and set the heat at the maximum.

Wood Burning Ovens

Fueled by wood or gas, these ovens attain very high temperatures and bake fresh pizza more quickly than other methods. Colors' Traditional Pizza Dough Ball for fresh pizza is the ideal complement to this outstanding oven. If you don't have the space, manpower, or time to make the pizza using our dough balls, we have created our Stone Deck Pizza Crust especially for this purpose.

Grill, Salamander & Cheese Melter

Our Flatbread Style and Ultrathin Pizza Crusts were created mainly for operations without ovens (pool or burger bars, delis, etc.). You can "mark" the crust on the grill or start the pizza on the flattop. Once you have enough bottom heat, run the pizza under the salamander for about one minute to melt the cheese and obtain the right color.

Specialty Ovens

Today's oven technology has created ovens that will cook a pizza in around one minute. Colors' Par-baked Crust will adapt to the market's various ovens. TurboChef uses a combination of microwave and convection technology with great results. We have developed pizza crusts especially designed for clients using TurboChef ovens. Colors' California Style and Ultrathin Crusts also work very well in this oven.

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