Tart Shells & More


Paris Gourmet


Paris Gourmet offers many products that are imported to give you the best taste in your kitchen. With such a wide choice in products there are numerus things that are waiting to be created.


Mini Cannoli Shells 2.36"


Cream Horns 2.4"


Tart Shells Butter 3.3"


Tart/ Quiche Shell Neutral 3.75"

Moda Savory Shell

Moda Sweet Shell

Moda Chocolate Shell

Moda Graham Shell

  • Butter Tart Shells
  • Moda Savory Shell
  • Raw Tart Shells
  • Moda Sweet Tart
  • Moda Chocolate Tart
  • Moda Graham Tart
  • Canoli Shell
  • Cream Horn Shell