Pizza Tips

Colors Gourmet Pizza Crust Baking Instructions

Colors Handmade Pizza Crusts were designed to work in any type of oven and have been developed to take advantage of various oven characteristics or to help with any oven shortcomings.

Pizza Ovens

Today we enjoy a great variety of pizza ovens. Some work better with fresh dough and some with par-baked crusts. Conveyor ovens offer the best of both worlds. The results are equally great with Colors’ Traditional Dough Balls for fresh pizza, as well as with Colors’ Par-baked Crusts

Links to Oven Manufacturers

To learn more about pizza ovens, we have selected a few links to our favorite oven companies.

Colors Frozen Dough Balls Procedure

To achieve the perfect bake, you need to find the right balance between temperature and time. Too much heat will “sear” your pizza (like a steak on a grill) without allowing proper interior dough development. Not enough heat and baking too long will result in a dry lifeless pizza.
Practice - and Colors Pizza Dough Balls - makes perfect.

Colors Café Suggestions

Colors Pizza Café Pizza Menu

Proven favorites featured through the years on the menu of our own restaurant, Colors Pizza Café. We created our first par-baked pizza crust for our own use and developed a range of pizzas to please every taste. We invite you to choose from the list below and add new and different presentations to your own menu.