Pizza Sauces & Roasted Tomatoes

Bella Rossa

Pizza Sauce

Bella Rossa Fully-Prepared Pizza Sauce

Bella Rossa Pizza Sauce starts with the same vine-ripened fresh tomatoes as our Pizza Sauce with Basil. We then enrich the flavor of this thick sauce by adding extra virgin olive oil and a unique blend of true Italian spices. The end result is a sauce so special your customers will clamor for more. Perfetto!


Pizza Sauce

Classic Italian Pizza Sauce

There are different ideas about what makes a perfect pizza, but it’s clear that a great sauce is essential for success. Allegro ready-to-use pizza sauce is a great start to making any pizza delicious.

For the traditionalists, our Classic Italian Pizza Sauce combines a true Italian spice profile with a silky smooth texture for a wonderfully versatile pizza sauce.

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Pizza Sauce in Pouch

Carmelina pizza sauce in a pouch makes it easier for you to open, it's the perfect blend of Carmelina Italian tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and salt. Easily pour, bake to your desire, and enjoy this zesty new sauce. Bake, grill, or Sautee these Italian cherry tomatoes to compliment your dishes from your kitchen at home or in the restaurant.

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