French Patisserie

Based mainly on classic French recipes, these desserts offer incredibly elegant presentations, textures and taste sensations. Our products are hand-made from the finest quality ingredients -whole butter, cream, fresh fruits and imported European chocolates.

Once created, our desserts are cradled in our custom made and proprietary packaging to ensure the integrity of each item. The packaging not only maintains the presentation of the products, but also safeguards the dessert moisture, textures, and flavors from outside factors such as freezer burn and odors.

    • Macaroons de Paris assorted pack (6 Flavors: Chocolate, Raspberry, Lavender/Apricot, Pistachio, Coffee, Coconut/Passion)

  • Grandiose Macarons Individually wrapped:

      • - Chocolate

      • - Pistachio

      • - Raspberry

      • - Vanilla

We also carry Retail packs from Looka French Patisserie available now are:

      Macaroons ( Chocolate/Pistachio or Vanilla Raspberry)

      Sliced Cake ( Lemon Meringue or Chocolate Ganache)

  • Retail Pack - Chocolate & Pistachio
  • Retail Pack- Vanilla & Raspberry
  • Les Macarons de Paris assortment pack
  • Grandiose Macaroons