Lunch & Dinner Product Lines


Premiere Moison

Dinner Rolls & Sandwich Bread


Premiere Moisson’s magnificent selection of breads and rolls are baked by artisans who respect and value ancestral traditions.Choose from crunchy crust French baguette, or Italian ciabatta in baguette, 6” traditional and multigrain sandwich bread, and 2” dinner rolls – original, and multigrain.


From Premiere Moisson to you, irresistible accompaniments to your bread offering.


Indian Bread


Gifco's naan breads are handmade Indian bread which include traditional Indian spice blends to create the perfect Naan bread. Being hand made keeps the quality and authenticity of these breads. One can not go wrong with naan bread with its fluffy texture that can be added to any meal of the day.


Lesley Stowe

Raincoast Crisps


Unique, all natural, and made with care, Leslie Stowe's Fine Food's Raincoast Crisps are baked in small batches from scratch using the finest-quality ingredients. The crisps are great to “nibble” on their own but have great application for cheese trays, amenities, tray pass hors d’oeuvres dips and salads…


Packaging Styles Include:

    • Food Servica Pack - 8 Sleeves x 40 Crisps

Flavors Include:

    • The Original - Pumpkin, Flax, Poppy and Sesame Seeds


    • Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps


    • Salty Date Almond Crisps


    • Rosemary Raisin Pecan Crisps


    • Gluten Free - Rosemary Oats Raisin

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Pasta Mia


For 100% fresh, natural ingredients, we search out and buy directly from trusted local producers. If the best cheese for the recipe is available only from Italy, we will import it rather than use a lower-quality substitute. We personally test every ingredient received to ensure that it meets our standards for flavor, freshness, and overall quality.

From the fillings in our filled pastas to the superior flavor and texture of our cut pastas, Pasta Mia products will surpass all your expectations.

  • Tortellini

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Sundown Foods

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Sundown Foods Roasted Tomatoes are a high quality roasted tomato product that provide a convenient and dependable source of intense roasted tomato flavor.


Oven Roasted tomatoes 6 x 2.5 lbs. trays and 25 lbs. Bulk Pack


At Sundown Foods our quality controls capture all the natural goodness from the finest ingredients to produce roasted tomatoes that are exceptional in color, flavor and texture with no chemicals, additives or artificial preservatives.


Taste the difference with Sundown Foods Roasted Tomatoes made by our commitment to quality, freshness, and attention to detail.


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Bella Rossa

Pizza Sauce


Bella Rossa Fully-Prepared Pizza Sauce


Bella Rossa Pizza Sauce starts with the same vine-ripened fresh tomatoes as our Pizza Sauce with Basil. We then enrich the flavor of this thick sauce by adding extra virgin olive oil and a unique blend of true Italian spices. The end result is a sauce so special your customers will clamor for more. Perfetto!


Pizza Sauce


Classic Italian Pizza Sauce


There are different ideas about what makes a perfect pizza, but it’s clear that a great sauce is essential for success. Allegro ready-to-use pizza sauce is a great start to making any pizza delicious.


For the traditionalists, our Classic Italian Pizza Sauce combines a true Italian spice profile with a silky smooth texture for a wonderfully versatile pizza sauce.


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White Toque

Potato Gratin & Quiche Shells

White Toque has many foods that would be able to fit your restaurant, hotel, or café. Their lunch selection comes in a wide variety, but what we have available are:

- Potato Gratin

- Quiche Shells