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Euro Bake - Landmannen

Euro-Bake's specialty in their breads is combining "traditional baking wisdom" and modern production techniques thus perfecting bread for today's generation. This new creation of breads began in 1995 and provides one with many different styles of breads.


Artisan Bread
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Mediterranean Assorted Rolls 1.2 oz. 200 Pretzel Sandwich Roll - 7.5" 80
Rustic Olive, Rustic Garlic, Sundried Tomato Spitzwecks, and Mini Basil Cheese.      


Boulart has really taken the time to create the best baked bread and one can taste it in every bite of Boulart's family of breads. Although these breads are made without additives or preservatives, to one’s surprise they have a long shelf life. Boulart offers many sizes and flavors that can accommodate your need.

Artisan Bread
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Ciabatta Sandwich Roll - Original 6" - 3.2 oz. 48 Ciabatta Baguette - 20" - 11.5 oz. 18
Ciabatta Dinner Roll - Original 2" - 1.6 oz. 120 Baguette Francaise - 20" - 11.5 oz. 22
Ciabatta Dinner Roll - Multigrain 2" - 1.6 oz. 120    
Artisan Indian Bread

Gifco's naan breads are handmade Indian bread which include traditional Indian spice blends to create the perfect Naan bread. Being hand made keeps the quality and authenticity of these breads. One can not go wrong with naan bread with its fluffy texture that can be added to any meal of the day.

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Original Tandoori Naan - Teardrop 80 Original Tandoori Naan - Mini Round 120
Original Tandoori Naan - Mini Oval 60 Lavash White Original 72

Colors Italian Pasta

Created especially for Colors, Distributor of Fine Foods, these outstanding Italian Pasta Specialties are the perfect companion to our expanding line of selected food items. All colors Italian Pastas are made from scratch and your selections include:

Gnocchi - 2 x 3 lbs.
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Tortellini, Tricolor Five Cheese 654 Gnocchi, Potato 480
    Gnocchi, Spinach 480

Sundown Foods - Roasted Tomatoes

Sundown Foods Roasted Tomatoes are a high quality roasted tomato product that provide a convenient and dependable source of intense roasted tomato flavor. At Sundown Foods our quality controls capture all the natural goodness from the finest ingredients to produce roasted tomatoes that are exceptional in color, flavor and texture with no chemicals, additives or artificial preservatives.

Oven Roasted Tomatoes
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Roasted Tomatoes - Red - 10 lb. Pale 160 Roasted Tomatoes - Yellow - 10 lb. Pale 160
Roasted Tomatoes - Red & Yellow - 10 lb. Pale 160 Roasted Tomatoes - Red - 25 lb. Bag in Box 400
  Note: Yield, between 80 and 100 tomato wedges per pound      

Traiteur de Paris

Traiteur de Paris is first and foremost about passion, that of taste, product know-how and creativity. Our potato Gratin Dauphinois, enhanced by a touch of nutmeg will bring authenticity and tradition to your menu.

Traiteur de Paris
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Potato Gratin Dauphinois 3.5 oz.   40