Colors Gourmet Pizza

Ultrathin Flatbread Style Pizza Crusts - Round

Ultrathin Style Crust is our thinnest crust and is made without a raised border for "edge to edge" topping. This crust is the ideal choice for a thin crispy pizza, grilled flatbread, or served with dipping sauces. This crust works great in Panini grills and is the choice of health conscious customers who prefer a lighter pizza with less dough, particularly when made with our whole wheat dough.



Case Pk


Case Pk

04" Ultrathin Pizza Crust


06" Ultrathin Pizza Crust


08" Ultrathin Pizza Crust


10" Ultrathin Pizza Crust


12" Ultrathin Pizza Crust


14" Ultrathin Pizza Crust


16" Ultrathin Pizza Crust


18" Ultrathin Pizza Crust


Half Sheet Ultrathin Pizza Crust




California Style Pizza Crusts

The California Style Crust has Colors’ distinctive hand shaped rolled border. This medium thick crust is soft and fluffy allowing for a longer final bake time, which reduces the chance of over-browning. The rolled edge helps keep the toppings in place and the crust medium-thick profile perfectly retains heat, making it our most versatile crust, from room service to buffet, catering and E.D.R applications.

  Case PK   Case PK

06" California Pizza Crust


14" California Pizza Crust


08" California Pizza Crust


16" California Pizza Crust


10" California Pizza Crust


18" California Pizza Crust


12" California Pizza Crust


Half Sheet California Crust


Rustic Style Pizza Crusts

Colors' newest creation! This hand-tossed, irregularly shaped pizza crust with its bubbly rim will have your customers believing you made it from scratch in your own pizza kitchen. We have perfected a dough that offers a nice crunch out of the oven while retaining a soft and chewy inside. This attractive artisan crust serves as a great canvas for you to create the "star" of your in-room dining menu and will keep the "pizza delivery guy" at bay.

  Case Pk   Case Pk
07"-08" Rustic Pizza Crust 40 13"-14" Rustic Pizza Crust 16
09"-10" Rustic Pizza Crust 28 15"-16" Rustic Pizza Crust 18
11"-12" Rustic Pizza Crust 28    
07" - 08" Rustic Oval Flatbread 64 09" - 10 Rustic Oval Flatbread 64
11" - 12" Rustic Oval Flatbread 64    

Oval - Ultrathin Flatbread Style Crusts

Our distinctive Oval Ultrathin Crusts are ideal for all your flatbread needs. Along with sliders and other small plates, they are a perfect addition to your appetizer menu and shareable bar food applications. They are fantastic grilled and finished under the salamander when no oven is available. Oval Pizza Crusts are available in 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 inch sizes, and our Rectangular Crusts come in Half Sheet (12” x 16”) and Quarter Sheet (6” x 8”) sizes.

  Case Pk   Case Pk
06" Oval Ultrathin Pizza Crust 60 12" Oval Ultrathin Pizza Crust 72
08" Oval Ultrathin Pizza Crust 72 14" Oval Ultrathin Pizza Crust 36
10" Oval Ultrathin Pizza Crust 72 16" Oval Ultrathin Pizza Crust 48

Appetizer Size Pizza Crusts

Colors' appetizer pizza crusts are the perfect canvas for your hors d’oeuvre and canapé creations. They come in three sizes: 2” Mini-Cocktail with a small edge, 2.5” Cocktail with a high raised edge and 3.5" Pizzette. The crusts are par-baked, so you need to cook them only long enough for your toppings to get brown and bubbly.

  Case Pk   Case Pk
2" Mini Cocktail Pizza Crust 480 2.5" Cocktail Size Pizza Crust 480
3.5" Pizzette Size Crust 240    
04" Ultrathin Pizza Crust 175 2.5" Cocktail Size - Cheese Pizza 240


Colors Cheese Pizza

We start with our California Style Pizza Crust as the foundation for this oven-ready cheese pizza. We then top it with our own zesty tomato pizza sauce, freshly shredded 100% whole milk mozzarella and a pinch of oregano. The unique rolled edge gives a handmade appearance and helps keep toppings in place. The medium-thick profile of this crust retains heat very well making Colors California Cheese Pizza the ideal choice for room service and buffets.

  Case Pk   Case Pk
06" California Cheese Pizza 54 14" California Cheese Pizza 10
08" California Cheese Pizza 18 16" California Cheese Pizza 12
10" California Cheese Pizza 18 Half Sheet California Cheese Pizza 10
12" California Cheese Pizza 20    


Rustic Style Cheese Pizza

The base of this cheese pizza is our hand-tossed, irregularly shaped Rustic Style Crust. To complement this artisan pizza we created a simple fresh and fruity sauce with crushed tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of sea salt. 100% whole milk mozzarella complete this superb pie. This pizza will be the "star" of your "in-room" dining and surpass in quality, look and taste any neighborhood pizza delivery offerings.

  Case Pk   Case Pk
07"-08" Rustic Cheese Pizza 32 13"-14" Rustic Cheese Pizza 12
09"-10" Rustic Cheese Pizza 20 15"-16" Rustic Cheese Pizza 12
11"-12" Rustic Cheese Pizza 12    


Pizza Dough Balls - Traditional

Available in traditional, semolina, rustic, herb and whole wheat recipes in sizes ranging from 4 oz. to 24 oz., our dough balls are ideal for hand tossed pizzas and to create great focaccia, calzones, flatbreads, breadsticks and other imaginative baked goods. They work well in any kind of pizza oven, from traditional deck ovens, Impinge conveyors to classic wood burning ovens. They are the perfect choice for the chef who wants to be creative without the burden of dough management.

  Case Pk   Case Pk
04 oz. Traditional Pizza Dough Ball 120 16 oz. Traditional Pizza Dough Ball 24
06 oz. Traditional Pizza Dough Ball 80 18 oz. Traditional Pizza Dough Ball 24
08 oz. Traditional Pizza Dough Ball 60 20 oz. Traditional Pizza Dough Ball 24
10 oz. Traditional Pizza Dough Ball 48 22 oz. Traditional Pizza Dough Ball 20
12 oz. Traditional Pizza Dough Ball 48 24 oz. Traditional Pizza Dough Ball 20
14 oz. Traditional Pizza Dough Ball 36    

Focaccia & Panini Herb Bread

These frozen, par-baked herb breads are approximately 12” x 16” half sheets and come in two thicknesses. Our thicker Focaccia is used as bread with Italian food or sandwiches. The thinner Panini bread is ideal for sandwich making, using one sheet for the top and one sheet for the bottom. Our Panini bread is also ideal for buffet pizza, happy-hour finger food and appetizers.

  Case Pk   Case Pk
Focaccia Bread, Herb - Half Sheet 7 Panini Bread, Herb - Half Sheet 16
Focaccia Bread, Sea Salt - Half Sheet 7 Panini Bread, Traditional - Half Sheet 16

Gluten Free Pizza Crusts

Venice Bakery
    Case Pk   Case Pk
08" Gluten Free Pizza Crust   40 12" Gluten Free Pizza Crust 20

Pizza & Pesto Sauce

Pizza Sauce (1 case = 600 oz..)
    Case Pk   Case Pk
Allegro - Classic Italian Pizza Sauce 6 x #10 Bella Rosa - Pizza Sauce 6 x #10
Pesto Sauce
    Case Pk   Case Pk
Allegro - Classic Italian Pizza Sauce 6 x #10 Roma Pesto Alla Genovese 2 x 32 oz.