• Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Bar
  • Opera Bar
  • Tiramisu Bar
  • Strawberry/ Raspberry Bar


VIP Assorted Petit Fours

The array of petit fours has what you need for guest to pick what may satisfy their taste buds. In this variety of petit fours comes Opera Cake, Red Raspberry Ivory, Bourdaloue, Paris-Brest, 3 Fruits, Praline Pistachio Cake, Nuts/Cranberries, Cup Caramel, Fresh Lemon, and Midnardise du Diable.


Mini Cakes

For a wide choice of cakes in a bite size for any occasion, these mini cakes come in Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Orange, and Raspberry.

  • VIP Petit Fours
  • Mini Cake Cocktails