Breakfast Product Lines

French Gourmet

Croissants & Danishes


Croissants - All Butter and Chocolate


Authenticity is the best word to describe French Gourmet's croissants. They are pure, light, flaky, buttery, and flavorful - everything a croissant should be.


Danish Pastries - Traditional Flavors and Assorted Cafe Packs


It is said that French Gourmet's extensive selection of Danishes often exceed expectations. Although they're flaky on the outside, they hold their tenderness inside.




Royal Danish


Classic and Premium Danish Lines


Averaging 3.4 oz., our Classic line is characterized as the origin of Danish pastry. The pastries in this line are proven favorites on an international level. The featured flavors include apple, cinnamon, vanilla, raspberry, and cheese in the well-known shapes - Crown, Plait, and Swirl.


Mini Danish Line


Sized at a dainty 1.5 oz., the Mini Line features our six most popular Danish Pastries. The minis are of the same high quality as any other Schulstad pastry and no compromise to taste has been made.


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