French Gourmet

Authenticity is the best word to describe French Gourmet's croissants. They are pure, light, flaky, buttery, and flavorful - everything a croissant should be. Made with an exceptional butter, bearing the appellation "crème de la crème"™, French Gourmet's artisan croissant has become the industry benchmark. Bake them as needed directly from freezer to oven. Our pre-proofed concept offers you the ultimate convenience, consistency and peak freshness every time.


French Gourmet - Pre-Proofed Croissants
  Case Pk   Case Pk
Butter Croissant - Small 1.5 oz. 100 Pain Au Chocolat - Small 1.25 oz. 210
Butter Croissant - Large 3.5 oz. 36 Pain Au Chocolat - Large 3.5 oz. 75
9-Grain Croissants - Pre-Proofed Small 1.5 oz. 100    
Croissant Dough Triangles- Proof & Bake- Large 4.5 oz.   98    
French Gourmet - Pre-Proofed Breakfast Pastries
  Case Pk   Case Pk
Apple Lattice Danish - Small 1.25 oz. 210 Wild Blueberry Pocket - Small 1.25 oz. 210
Almond Bear Claw - Small 1.25 oz. 180 Cinnamon Roll - Small 1.25 oz. 180
Café Pack #2 - 1.25 oz. (3 flavors) Banana Triangle, Raspberry Leaf & Coconut Cream Pocket   200
Café Pack #3 - 1.25 oz. (3 flavors) Black Cheery Burst, Cinnamon Raisin Roll & Apricot Medallion   200
Blank Diamond Shells- Small 1.25 oz. 175    

Schulstad Royal Danish

Schulstad Royal Danish pastries are proven favorites on an international level. The featured flavors include apple, cinnamon, vanilla, raspberry, and cheese in the well-known shapes - Crown, Plait, and Swirl. Our Premium Line raises the total pastry experience to a new level with eye-catching shapes and unique flavors, like maple-pecan, lemon crème and European chocolate.

Schulstad - Pre-Proofed Breakfast Pastries 
Mini Danish 1.5 oz. 
  Case Pk   Case Pk
Apple Coronet 120 Maple Pecan Plait 120
Cheese Plait 120 Cinnamon Swirl 120
Mini Danish Selection (5 flavors) Maple, Vanilla, Raspberry, Cinnamon and Apple   120
Schulstad - Pre-Proofed Breakfast Pastries
Classic Size Danish 3.0 to 3.4 oz.
  Case Pk   Case Pk
Apple Crown 48 Maple Pecan 48
Cheese Plait 48 Raspberry Danish 48
Cinnamon Swirl 48 Vanilla Crown 48
Large Danish Selection (4 flavors)   Maple, Raspberry, Cinnamon and Lemon   48

White Toque

Euro-Bake's specialty in their breads is combining "traditional baking wisdom" and modern production techniques thus perfecting bread for today's generation. This new creation of breads began in 1995 and provides one with many different styles of breads.

Bake-Up Croissants - Freezer to Oven
  Case Pk   Case Pk
Butter Croissant - Mini 0.88 oz. 200 Butter Croissant - Large 2.8 oz. 70
Chocolate Croissant - Mini 1.06 oz.   180 Chocolate Croissant - Large 2.6 oz. 70