Artisan Bread

Premiere Moisson

Dinner Rolls & Sandwich Bread

Premiere Moisson’s magnificent selection of breads and rolls are baked by artisans who respect and value ancestral traditions.Choose from crunchy crust French baguette, or Italian ciabatta in baguette, 6” traditional and multigrain sandwich bread, and 2” dinner rolls – original, and multigrain.

From Premiere Moisson to you, irresistible accompaniments to your bread offering.

  • Premiere Moison
  • Mangia
  • Multigrain Sandwich
  • Original Sandwich
  • Olive Sandwich
  • Original Dinner Roll
  • Multigrain Dinner Roll
  • Olive Dinner Roll


Indian Bread

Gifco's naan breads are handmade Indian bread which include traditional Indian spice blends to create the perfect Naan bread. Being hand made keeps the quality and authenticity of these breads. One can not go wrong with naan bread with its fluffy texture that can be added to any meal of the day.

  • Naan Indian Bread
  • Olive Dinner Roll